The Cytomeet is a well-established one-day meeting for the Swiss scientific community interested in mechanisms of cell migration in vivo and in vitro. It takes place on a Tuesday in January each year and had been originally established by Profs. Seebeck and Gehr and continued by Profs. Chiquet, Dräger and Niggli. Since 2014, Prof. Engelhardt has taken over the organization of the Cytomeet.

In keeping with the tradition of the Cytomeet, we invite every year an outstanding international scientist as Keynote speaker. Previous Keynote speakers include Sussan Nourshargh, Michael Sixt, Dietmar Vestweber,  Ben Nichols and Erik Sahai. Furthermore, scientists from all over Switzerland have the opportunity to present their work in a concise format. The attendance is free.

Cytomeet 2023

Save the date: the 32nd Cytomeet is scheduled for January 17, 2023 in Berne.

Cytomeet 2022

Save the date for the upcoming Summer Cytomeet taking place in Bellinzona on Monday, August 29, 2 - 6 pm. 

Cytomeet 2021

Prof. em. Gehr and  Prof. em Seebeck, the founders of the Cytomeet, and Prof. em Verena Niggli, who had continued the Cytomeet program with Prof. Annette Draeger (†)  before handing it over to the current organizers, Prof. Legler, Prof. Stein and Prof. Engelhardt, in 2014 presented the history and highlights from 30 years of Cytomeet.

Previous Cytomeet programs

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