About Us

The Theodor Kocher Institute is organized in individual research groups closely collaborating with each other. With its technical platforms in live cell imaging using in vitro time lapse videomicroscopy, intravital epifluorescence microscopy and 2-photon microscopy the TKI is part of the Microscopy Imaging Center at the University of Bern.

Britta Engelhardt is a member of the Bern Immunology Club (BIC).

Teaching activities of the senior researchers at the institute include lectures, seminars and practical classes for students enrolling in the following programs: Master of Biomedical Sciences, Masters in Molecular Life Sciences Program and within the interfaculty Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences. Members of the institute are also participating in Problem Based Learning for medical students.


Prof. Dr. Britta Engelhardt - Tel. +41 31 631 41 43


Ursula Zingg, executive secretary - Tel. +41 31 631 41 41
Marianne Schori, book-keeping, grant-manager - Tel. +41 31 631 41 41


Hansueli Zürcher - Tel. +41 31 631 41 65

Systems Administrator

Martin Zwahlen - Tel. +41 31 631 84 85

Mechanical Workshop

Thomas Hübscher - Tel. +41 31 631 43 04